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Specialists in micropropagation.

Our mission is the production and distribution of high quality plant material and the development of superior varieties thanks to our genetic improvement programs. We also monitor the new trends in the agricultural sector and the different collaboration agreements we have with other entities. This allows us to carry out different R&D activities in order to develop new technologies, products and markets in this sector.

In our company we have facilities that allow us to perform both conventional micropropagation techniques, as well as propagation in temporary immersion systems, somatic embryogenesis and in vitro germplasm conservation.

Similarly, tissue culture techniques are used for plant breeding. These include embryo rescue, haplo-diplodization and the use of somaclonal variation as a method of improvement.

We have qualified staff and the most advanced technology to achieve the company's goals.


In INNEA we have a highly qualified and specialized multidisciplinary team, and with continuous training in different lines of research in our areas: biotechnology, plant improvement and molecular biology. Our staff accumulates extensive experience and knowledge in conducting studies and projects on the biology of agricultural species, and in the development of various biotechnological tools, which allows us to know the solutions and needs demanded by the forestry and agricultural sectors, etc… and thus to be able to improve and expand the services we offer to our clients.

The greatest value of our company is its team because thanks to its constant commitment, desire for improvement and work ethic, we obtain high quality results, greater knowledge, carry out projects of greater scientific complexity, and achieve the satisfaction of our customers, and be one of the best valued companies in the sector.


In our facilities we have a plant biotechnology laboratory, led by scientific and technical personnel with great training and experience, where we carry out the different research, and development and marketing activities of our products. This laboratory is divided into several areas of micropropagation, plant improvement and molecular biology, and has the most innovative technology and equipment.

All facilities are equipped with the best and most advanced equipment, which allow us to ensure the necessary asepsis and sterility in all our production processes and maintain the best working conditions for staff.

We also have greenhouses and nurseries on land where we can complete the in vitro micropropagation cycle, as well as keep the company's germplasm in vivo.


Thanks to the use and combination of our biotechnology, molecular biology and plant improvement services, we develop multiple research projects both individually or in collaboration. This allows us to offer the most advanced and innovative biotechnological techniques and to have exclusive and quality products with high economic interest.

In addition, at INNEA we develop projects adapted to the needs of our clients, guaranteeing their confidentiality, as well as obtaining fast and reliable results at competitive prices.

Proof of this is the completion in 2018 of the project “Genetic improvement program to obtain cold-resistant and early ripening olive varieties”, granted by the ICE - Instituto de Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León and co-financed with FEDER funds.

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