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INNEA Alternativas Biotecnológicas SL is an Agrobiotechnology Company founded in 2008 in Valladolid-Spain, it is mainly dedicated to in vitro culture, micropropagation, and plant breeding, and whose R&D&I activities, carried out by highly qualified scientific-technical personnel, actively contribute to the progress and development of the company. Thanks to that, we offer a wide variety of micropropagated plants and high quality biotechnological services, with the aim of satisfying our clients and market demands.


INNEA is formed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in biotechnological techniques of micropropagation and improvement of plant material. Their commitment, dedication and experience in the sector form the greatest asset of the company.


In our facilities we have a plant biotechnology laboratory, led by scientific and technical personnel with great training and experience, where we carry out the different research, and development and marketing activities of our products.


Thanks to the use and combination of our biotechnology, molecular biology and plant improvement services, we develop multiple research projects both individually or in collaboration. This allows us to offer the most advanced and innovative biotechnological techniques and to have exclusive and quality products with high economic interest.


Innea offers a wide variety of micropropagated plants through protocols developed by our specialists andoptimized in our facilities. We guarantee the purity and genetic stability as well as the sanitary quality of all our materials thanks to the use of sanitation techniques, phytopathological diagnosis and molecular markers.

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In INNEA we offer you the professional and personalized advice you need, as well as the best biotechnological services of micropropagation, plant improvement and molecular biology. Therefore, we seek the continuous improvement of our services and we are at the forefront of the latest biotechnological techniques and the most innovative equipment and facilities. Thanks to the commitment and experience of our staff, we guarantee the confidentiality and success of our results.


INNEA offers you the opportunity to obtain uniform, homogeneous and high quality plants massively and in a short period of time through our micropropagation and tissue culture service.

Plant breeding

Get high quality plants with superior agronomic characteristics thanks to our plant improvement analytical services.

Molecular biology

We combine different biochemical, genetic and genomic techniques to improve the adaptation of your crops to adverse conditions.

Quality Control

The compliance of the official technical standards which regulate, among other aspects, the phytopathological diagnosis, the varietal authenticity, the isolation, and conservation of the plant material, is part of our company policy in order to guarantee the quality in all phases of the productive process.

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